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Screename: Sophie-Lou
Other Names: Cardwitch
Birthday: 10 June
Star Sign: Gemini
Current Location: U.K
About me:
I asked my friend Dan (Cosnett) to describe me in five words, he said "Sweet, Caring, Pretty, Fun and... friendly" so as you can tell, I've picked up a few nice friends! I love to write in my spare time because since I had to give up dancing because of money problems and medical problems, it helps me express myself. Okay, I can be snappy when something gets on my nerves, can be boring when I'm tried. My favourite pass time is writing, reading, playing (I know, it's sad) or sleeping. I'm a brunette, blue eyed, small framed, very pale faced avarage British girl.
Favourite Character: Sophie Hatter
Why? Everyone thinks it's because we happen to have the same name... Well, it's not! I like her because she's just like me in many ways. Though I'm an only child, I have two younger cousins. Also, Sophie has a hidden personality which only comes out when her youth is taken away from her. In a way, she inspires me to open up more and not pretend to be something when you know that person makes you unhappy.
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