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In which we go shopping in Market Chipping

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The Art of Howl's Moving Castle
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Howl's Moving Castle (Original Book)
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Money: Pound to Dollar
Please note that I'm British. I have done all this in s, not $s. However, seeing as the dollar is American and I'll only get a hammering from the reads and make my boyfriend's head hurt, I translated the pound amounts, roughly into US dollars and Canadian dollars.
1.00 = $1.50 (US)
         = $2.00 (CAN)
10.00 = $15.00 (US)
           = $20.00 (CAN)
So, you can work out the prices yourself from here on. I might add different currents soon, but I'm a bit too busy right now.
Pre-order House of Many Ways on
Pre-order House of Many Ways on
Book Store
Books and books are a persons best friend, from the original story, to the movie picture book and the beautiful Art of Howl's Moving Castle.
(See above to get pund to dollar translations).
Howl's Moving Castle (The Original Novel)
By Diana Wynne Jones
Cost: 5.99
Blog: When Sophie Hatter attracts unwanted attention from The Witch of the Waste, she finds herself wandering away and into a contract with the Howl's fire demon. He promises to set her free of the curse if she breaks his contract. Trouble is, Wizard Howl just happens to be a wicked and evil wizard who finds pleasure in eatting the hearts of young, beautiful girls... So Sophie would be in grave danger, should the curse be lifted while she's with him.
UK buyers:
The Art of Howl's Moving Castle
By Hayo Miyazaki
Cost: 20.00
Blog: This book shows original artwork done by Miyazaki, production notes, artist notes, CGI notes and even the complete English translated script. I advise fans to watch Howl's Moving Castle before buying this beautiful book.
UK buyers:
(Note: UK fans are having a special offer on the book)
The official sountrack for the film 'Howl's Moving Castle'.
Howl's Moving Castle
Joe Hisaishi
Cost: 12.99
Blog: The official music for Howl's Moving Castle the movie. A mixture of beautiful sounds by award winning composer Joe Hisaishi.
UK buyers:
US buyers:
Orgel Best Selection Studio Ghibli Songs
Joe Hisaishi
Cost: 15.99
Blog: A collection of Miyazaki music.
US/UK buyers:
Ebay: Bid for the Best
In true market style, get down to the dealers and the buyers and go to the best market in the world. After Market Chipping of course:

‘Howl's Moving Castle’ 1986-2008, Diana Wynne Jones. 'Hauru no ugoku shiro' AKA 'Howl's Moving Castle' 2004-2008 Hayao Miyazaki, Ghibli Studios. Text/Website Sophie Withall, 2004-2008. Based upon Diana Wynne Jones' novel ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animated film 'Hauru no ugoku shiro'. Layout Tripod. All characters are entirely fictional. 

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