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In which there are rewards for everyone

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Here are the new rewards finally. Now if you want one to put on your website (And don't worry the real ones don't have a big SAMPLE over them) then so contact me - I always reply to email that is marked properly. Just make the subject HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE and I'll know. Also, we emiling me, take away the * otherwise it won't work. This is to stop junk mail. And don't send me chainletters - I will forever put you in junk mail if you do.

Website Award

This award can be earned if you a.) You are linked with me or b.) You send me your website just for me to have a look. If you want to apply for this award then:
  1. You must have a website (obviously)
  2. It doesn't have to be HMC but it should have theme (not a self-based website)
  3. If your website is self-based and on LiveJournal then you can enter for the livejournal award.
  4. It doesn't have to be complete, as long as it's got a reasonable amount of information.
  5. This isn't always a beauty contest, so don't worry if your layout isn't photoshop made. Information is what I like.
Think you could do it? Apply here then.

Fanwork Award

This award is for people who have submitted or shown me fanworks. I have offered my duties as a beta to people in recent years, so please don't feel shy to show me your works. You can either email it to me so I put it on the website or send me the link from a fanworks website. I prefer it if it's on FanFiction.Net or LiveJournal.
Here is the fandome page and here is where you read the rules. Want this award? Then go ahead and e-mail me.

Friend Award

This award is just for show. I give this to my friends and people who have helped me or are just loved ones. Some of the people who are entitled to one on my webmistress page. Others, who know me well on or off the web, and have a website - just trying a catch me and I'll email it.

Best of the Best Award

This award is just for show.
This award is for either people who have a.) won at least two of the awards above (Website and fanwork) b.) two of the same award. I will send this to you automatically if this is the case. Or, c.) I will also give this award to people who come up with brilliant ideas for the website or help me out with this site.
If you give me an idea in the guestbook please leave your email so I can send this to you. If you have a brilliant idea email me.

‘Howl's Moving Castle’ 1986-2008, Diana Wynne Jones. 'Hauru no ugoku shiro' AKA 'Howl's Moving Castle' 2004-2008 Hayao Miyazaki, Ghibli Studios. Text/Website Sophie Withall, 2004-2008. Based upon Diana Wynne Jones' novel ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animated film 'Hauru no ugoku shiro'. Layout Tripod. All characters are entirely fictional. 

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