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In which you meet every single book character

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Characters from the Castle Series. They do have slightly different personalities to the characters in the movie. So see if you can see the differents. Scroll down to find the book you are looking for. They are listed in chronological order.

Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie Hatter - Howl Jenkins - Calcifer - The Witch of the Waste

Michael Fisher - Lettie Hatter - Martha Hatter - Fanny Smith - Annabel Fairfax
Lily Angorian - Prince Justin - Mrs Penstemmon - Benjamin Suliman - The King of Ingary

Castle in the Air

Abdullah - Flower-in-the-Night - Hasruel - Dalzel - The Strangian Soldier

The Genie - Midnight the Cat - Whippersnapper the Kitten - Morgan Jenkins
Princess Valeria - Princess Beatrice - The Magic Carpet - The Fat Nieces

House of Many Ways

Charmain - Waif - Peter - The King of High Norland - Princess of High Norland

Sophie Hatter
Age: 18
Appearance: Fair, strawberry blond hair, blue-green eyes and very pretty.
Occupation: Seamstress, hat-maker, later witch.
  • Talks life into objects.
  • Good at sewing and cooking.
  • Very clever.
Personality: Probably the most strong-minded Hatter sister, although she wouldn't admit it. Brave, clever, nice and tries to look on the bright side. Classic redhead with a firey temper. Despite being beautiful, kind and intelligent, Sophie is also very shy at the beginning of the story. As an old woman however Sophie feels no longer threatened by him. Sudden old age awakens her real personality; she's strong-minded, brave and she has the chance to show her stubborn side.
Other alias: Midnight (See character Midnight), Mrs. Pendragon
The eldest daughter of the Hatter family. She has two younger sisters, Lettie and Martha. Her own mother died when she was only two-years-old, and her father married his youngest shop assistant Fanny. Since Fanny was always busy in the shop, Sophie was the one who took to raising Lettie and Martha, by mixing and making them clothes, and stopping their fights. She is the most studious of the three sisters and potentially the most intelligent, which is wasted on her belief that she is bound to fail at everything she does.
When Sophie's father died Fanny decided to put all of the daughters into suitable places as according to fairytale beliefs. As Sophie is the eldest and unlikely to come to much, Fanny sets her to making the hats in the hat shop. Sophie accepts her doomed fate. At first she enjoys making the hats and begins talking to them from lack of anyone else to talk to. After a while people begin coming to the hat shop as they come to believe the hats have special powers. Although she is unaware of it Sophie has a special magical talent for talking life into things. Everything she says to an object comes true.
The Witch of the Waste hears about these hats and becomes very jealous of Sophie's magic talents. She turns up at the shop one day with the intention of making fun of her. When she answers back to the Witch, furious, she turns Sophie into an old woman. Although horrified at what has happened, she uses it as an excuse to leave the shop from fear of giving Fanny a scare. Sophie decides to seek out the infamous Wizard Howl, who owns a scary moving castle that bobs about the hills, to ask his help of removing the curse off her. As a young girl she was scared of Wizard Howl as rumours said he ate the hearts of young girls.
When she enters the castle she makes a deal with Howl's fire demon Calcifer that if she breaks the contract between himself and Howl, then he will life the spell on her. Pretending to be a cleaning lady, Sophie begins life in the castle, causing a great annoyance to Howl, Calcifer, and Howl's appentice Michael. However, he doesn't throw her out and allows her to stay providing she doesn't kill the spiders.
After a while Sophie begins to be pulled into the story behind Howl. She discovers that Howl didn't really eat the hearts of young girls but rather courts them until they fall for him, then he jilts them. She is horrified to find out later that he is even courting her sister Lettie, and tries to sabotage their meetings, although later on Sophie reflects on this and realises she may have done it for other reasons. Sophie shows disgust also in Howl;s attempts to escape the job of looking for Prince Justin, especially after Wizard Suliman had apparently been killed by the Witch of the Waste, prompting the Prince's exile into the wastes of Ingary. Howl himself has once courted and been cursed by the Witch, as so attempts to avoid her at all costs.
At first it appears that Howl is using Sophie to protect himself but after a while it becomes apparent that Howl was just trying to take the curse off Sophie. His interest in Lettie, it turns out, was over Sophie (Who Howl only knows as "the girl from May Day") and finding out who she was. Sophie falls in love with Howl but her stubborness to accept it makes it very difficult for Howl to remove the curse because she believes that as long as she's an old woman she will not fall in love with him. Lettie fears that Sophie will fall in love with him and sends the dog-man to try and come between them.
Sophie comes to believe that Howl is courting another woman called Lily Angorian. She becomes exteremly jealous and tries to sabotage their relationship as she had done with his courting Lettie, by trying to keep Angorian away from the castle. After a while, however, Sophie begins to feel bad about the way she is treating her and starts to accept that Howl couldn't love her as an old woman. On Midsummer Day, the Witch sends a message to Michael and Sophie that she has capture Lily Angorian and that Howl must come and get her. Terrified that Howl will have to face the Witch Sophie goes to the Waste to get her on her own to save her.
Upon finding the Witch it is revealed that Angorian is the Witch's own fire demon and that the message had been a trap to get Sophie to come to the Waste. It is not Angorian but Sophie that Howl is in love with. Finding out that Sophie has been kidnapped by the Witch, Howl rushes out to the Waste to rescue her.
In Castle in the Air Sophie is much more confident as a person, telling people what to do, taking care of her apperance, showing that her life with Howl has rubbed off on her. The pair have a son called Morgan. It seems that despite Howl's vices, she thinks very highly of him and doesn't look at them as vices but just what makes him Howl. She obviously loves him very much.
Howl Jenkins
Age: 27
Appearance: Very well presented. Apparently quite plain, but makes up for it in style. Green eyed, angular faced, natural hair colour is brown but looks better with black hair. Quite tall.
  • Best wizard in Ingary.
  • Created the moving castle (with the help of Calcifer) 
  • Has a very creative mind.
  • Quite clever.
Personality: Very self involved. Vain, cowardly and never makes a promise. Only brave when he wants to be and dislikes anything unpleasent (like getting angry). A slitherer-outer.
Other Alias: Howell Jenkins, Wizard Howl, Wizard Pendragon, Sorcerer Jenkin or simply Howl
Howl was born in Wales in our world. His birth name is Howell (Hywel) Jenkins. His known names all live in Wales. Howl was born with remarkable magical talents, which he wrote a thesis on it when he was at university. His magic led him to the other worlds, and Ingary, a country in an alternate world where magic is accepted in every day life. He became a student of the powerful sorceress Mrs Penstemmon, who was to be her last. When he was twenty-two he started up being a sorcerer as a profession in Porthaven. It was not long after this that Howl caught a falling star (i.e. a fire demon) and gave it his heart so it could live because he felt sorry for it. Because of this Howl finds it difficult to fall in love. Howl has a reputation every where to make women fall in love with him and then break their hearts when he can't be bothered anymore.
Together the pair make the Moving Castle.
Not long before the beginning of the story, Howl courted the Witch of the Waste, but ran away once he realised she was as bad as the rumours were. They met when Howl tried to carry on Wizard Suliman's plan of making the wastes bloom with flowers and the Witch objected. When Howl ran away the Witch put a curse on Howl so that he would have to return to her one day on her terms.
In order to get out of the Witch's way, and everyone elses, Howl begins to give himself a bad reputation in order to give his freedom. He sends Michael to Market Chipping to spread the rumour that Howl was an evil wizard after they begin to panic upon the appearence of the moving castle. Howl is feared by everyone in Market Chipping, for he is said to steal the hearts of young girls.
He takes many aliases: Wizard Howl in Market Chipping, Wizard Pendragon in the capital city of Kingsbury and the Sorcerer Jenkin in Porthaven. He also uses several names when courting girls, so that when he runs away, they will not find him easily.
Howl first meets Sophie on May Day before she is bespelled by the Witch of the Waste, and he attempted to court her. He sees that she is scared and tries to help her, but Sophie runs away. They meet again when he returns home a week afterward to see Sophie, now an old woman, cooking on Calcifer. He senses a strong spell on her. Impressed that she managed to get Calcifer to obey her orders, he allows her to stay and clean the castle providing that she doesn't kill any spiders or clean his bedroom and the yard.
Not long afterward Howl meets Sophie's sister Lettie and begins courting her, only to have it confirmed from all the family and Michael that Sophie is actually a young woman. He strings Lettie along in order to find out more about Sophie. Howl begins to tease her about Lettie, appearing pleased with himself when she reacts jealously but avoids the issue if Sophie considers Lettie's feelings. He even attempts to take the spell off Sophie, to no avail.
However, he begins to take more consideration of Sophie's feelings as well as still teasing her. He uses his nephew's English teacher, Miss Angorian, to make Sophie so jealous that she will keep her out of the castle. Sophie is unaware that Miss Angorian is actually the Witch's fire demon, and Howl was leaving the knob black down to make it seem that he is going to court her, when he is actually just keeping an eye on her, as well as playing rugby and getting drunk.
Unknowingly he falls in love with Sophie. After turning the dog-man back into a human, he uses Sophie to get information out of him as well as him to get information out of Sophie. On Midsummer Day, he invites all of Sophie's family around to keep her in the castle so the Witch can't get her. However, she goes to the wastes to save Miss Angorian who she thinks Howl is in love with.
When Howl finds out he appears to have an epiphany: he wants to save Sophie from the Witch but it might cost him his life. If he doesn't go to the wastes the curse doesn't come true but he will never see Sophie again, so he will never feel true love. If he does go he is risking everything to save the woman he loves. Howl, deciding he'd rather die than be without Sophie, goes to the waste and finds the courage to stand up to the wastes. However his actions cause the curse to come true as he has to be honest about what he had been doing (e.g. moving the castle, leaving the knob black down, etc.) which allows Miss Angorian to take Howl's heart. With Sophie's help he is able to defeat her, and finally becomes a force for good.
Age: >1,000,000
Appearance: Like a fire but green, blue and purple. Just basically the shape of fire pinted head.
Talents: Very powerful demon. Does all the magic in the moving castle.
Personality: A little bit of a joker. Despite being a demon, he does fear for Howl and Sophie. Smartest of the lot.
A very old fire demon who was once a shooting star. Seven years before the books starts, Howl made a contract with Calcifer to help him.
Calcifer is bond to the fireplace and forced to do all the hard magic in the castle. After many years and the contract isn't doing either of them good. So, Calcifer makes a bargin with Sophie, if she breaks the contract then he'll free her from the spell.
Calcifer occassionally drops Sophie hints, which she often misses, and only twigs that Calcifer was a falling star once she remembers the shape of the star which Michael tries to catch.
The Witch of the Waste
Age: >100
Appearance: Quite good-looking despite her age. Appearace changes often.
Talents: Cursing people and causing trouble.
Personality: Troublesome and unkind. Jealous of other young girls who have special talents (like Sophie) and is in the 'bad'.
Fifty years before the story begins, the witch used to terrorize the country of Ingary. However, the king at the time (The grandfather of the King is story) banished her to the waste.
At the beginning of the story, the witch kidnaps both the Royal Wizard Ben Suliman and Prince Justin. Her intention is to make the perfect man out of Suliman, Justin and Howl.
The witch is a cunning old woman who never ages, and stays in the body of a young woman. This is because of her fire demon who prolongs her age, and uses her magic to remain attractive.
Her plan is simple and if anyone gets in her way, or makes her jealous, she curses them. This is how Sophie attracts her unwanted attention when she discovers that she could speak life into objects, making 'heavenly and magical' hats. Disliking that Sophie stands up to her the Witch curses her into the body of an old woman.
The Witch put a curse hidden in the gusie of the poem Song: Go catch a falling star on Howl to lure him in on Midsummer Day.
Age: 15
Appearance: Brown curly hair, brown eyed, quite dark and quite tall, just under six foot. Pleasent looking.
Talents: He knows a lot of magic but knows a great deal more about Howl and his love life (more than he cares to, as well!)
Personality: Very sweethearted, kind and hapless. Useless in a crisis and a little bit stupid.
A young boy who lives in Howl's Moving Castle. He is a trainee wizard, and is in love with the pretty baker's assistant, Sophie's sister Martha, or the other 'Lettie'. Michael is a very sweet boy, but rather hapless and useless in a crisis. He's also a little bit stupid, not smart enough to cause anyone concern, but he knows how to deal with magic and tries his best to look out for Howl (like a brother really). He grows quite fond of Sophie and thinks of her as the sister he never had.
Lettie Hatter
Age: 17
Appearance: Supposedly most beautiful Hatter sister; dark brown hair, blue eyes, dark complextion and very beautiful.
Talents: Can be misleading and quite good at magic.
Personality: Goodhearted but can be sulky and whining. Hates the domestic life and is very strong-minded. Quite clever.
Sophie's beautiful, perfect and slightly sulky-full sister Lettie, who has nearly every man in the country eating out of the palm of her hand. She switches places with her younger sister Martha so she can learn witchcraft. Howl tried to court her in order to get infomation about Sophie, she encourages him for the same reasons.
Martha Hatter
Age: 15
Appearance: Slender faced, willowly, blond haired and gray eyed. Quite pretty.
Talents: Quite tricky to figure out and likes cooking.
Personality: A little untrusting but she likes Sophie, cunning but a little bit of an airhead. Not very clever at all.
The youngest Hatter sister, who has been known to get her revenge on her older sister Lettie by cutting up her silk stockings and throwing tantrums. Martha respects Sophie very much and confides the secret that she and Lettie had switched places. She's in love and engaged to Michael.
Fanny Hatter-Smith
Age: Late thirties to early forties.
Appearance: Pretty, blond and gray eyed. Martha takes after her. Up right and a little bit snobish looking.
Talents: Can exploit people without being cruel to them and always gets what she wants.
Personality: Loves all three Hatter sisters equaly, kind, a little snobish and doesn't realise when she's exploiting people. Not particularly clever.
Sophie's step-mother, whom unlike most step-mothers, is kind and loves Sophie and Lettie just as much as her own daughter Martha. However, her kindeness to Sophie isn't perfect as she exploites her and forces her to make all the hats in the hat shop!
Annabel Fairfax
Age: Late thirties to early forties
Appearance: A confortable face, buttery blond hair and pleasent looking.
Talents: Makes EVERYTHING out of honey
Personality: Very nice and talks a little too much.
Fanny's old school friend. She was originally supposed to teach Martha Hatter, however she and Lettie switch places, and she ends up teaching Lettie. She has a habit of talking on and on and on.
Prince Justin
The younger brother of the King of Ingary. He is referred to as his brother as a brilliant general. He argues with his brother after Wizard Suliman goes missing and decides to look for him. This is how he falls into the Witch's hands. He and Suliman make up the character of Percival.
Morgan Jenkins
Age: 4 weeks
Appearance: Just a normal baby. When a cat, he's completely black (and more pleasent).
Talents: Has the worst cry in Ingray, worse then the four-year old Princess. He's quite clever as a cat.
Personality: Enjoys being a cat and hates being human.
Introduced in Castle in the Air when the Strangian Soldier finds a cat and a kitten. The Kitten turns out to be Morgan, Sophie and Howl's son. This child hates being in human foam and loves being a cat. He also has a terrible cry that is so loud, it drove the Djinns mad!

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