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'Howl's Moving Castle' is planning to show in more countries than 'Spirited Away', due to the fact it's been a huge hit.

Countries its in now!

Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland all have 'Howl's Moving Castle' released. Currently, however, it is only USA, Canada, Brazil and Germany that currently have it in the cinemas. France are planning the DVD and the first Japanese DVD released of 'Howl's Moving Castle' should be released in November. In US and UK, it is being released on DVD in March (US: 7th and UK: 13th).

Other Countries in Waiting?

  • Poland - Sepetember 16, 2005
  • Australia - Sepetember 22, 2005
  • Sweden - September 2005
  • Norway - October 7, 2005
  • Finland - October 21, 2005
  • Belgium - 2005 ?
  • Mexico - 2005 ?
  • The Netherlands - 2005 ?

    Now, I don't know but I've heard that Mexico should have Howl's Moving Castle in time for Christmas. Sadly, rumours say that the Netherlands might not get to see it until 2006 if realise dates don't hurry it up! I highly doubt this, but please don't hold your breaths my dears! As soon as I find out, I'll be back to tell you. If your country is not yet listed, don't worry! Howl's Moving Castle is planning to be shown in over a 100 countries, more then Spirited Away, the older sister of Howl. Last time, it took Sen a year to get to the UK, but seeing as Howl is a British story, we were one of the first in line to see it. It may take one, maybe even two years for it to get to all the countires. More countries are getting added everyday... Belgium has just been added as you can see.

  • Sophie kisses Howl

    ‘Howl's Moving Castle’ 1986-2008, Diana Wynne Jones. 'Hauru no ugoku shiro' AKA 'Howl's Moving Castle' 2004-2008 Hayao Miyazaki, Ghibli Studios. Text/Website Sophie Withall, 2004-2008. Based upon Diana Wynne Jones' novel ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animated film 'Hauru no ugoku shiro'. Layout Tripod. All characters are entirely fictional. 

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