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In which we have a peek at Sophie's oddments shelf

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Here are a couple of funny things and sweet little things donated and made by me, and others. If you something silly you'd like to donate or something interesting like Howl's Moving Castle then please email me at sophielou21*

"Official" Documents
Housed in the registry office of public records in another world there are several of these lovely things.

Howl's Love Letters
A nice idea suggested to me by a friend who said that Howl, ever the romantic when catching girls for fun, might be very bad at expressing it to Sophie. Especially on paper.

In which he is clearly drunk (Part 1)

In which he is clearly drunk (Part 2)

Page 3

In which Sophie has gone to visit her sister

In which he is sorry

In which he quotes Beatles lyrics

Sophie's Letter
This is Sophie's neat reply to it. She must have drafted it several times and used her best paper.

In which she replies

In which she replies

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